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Lundén Resistant Queens

Our slogan"Best Bees without treatments" says it all. It is our goal and we also believe that in the long run all beekeepers get the best result and best bees when all treatments are stopped.



Beekeepers feedback is important to a bee breeder.  Positive or negative, feedback is a way to know better the current status of the breeding work.

To get some feedback I sended 2009 alltogether 50 queens to 8 different beekeepers in Finland and Europe. The queens were sent for free.

The only condition was that the hives of these queens must not be treated.

Here is some feedback and results.  It turned out, that feedback with, at least some, measured data is, in fact, very difficult to get. On the phone or by email you get to know that "I like your bees" or "They are OK", but to get some numbers on paper, that is hard.

Anything on paper is recieved with great gratitude, however difficult to understand or read they may be!

Paul Jungels feedback is written on his Pediree, it is about our queen B85(JL)

Josef Koller`s and Ralf Höling`s feedback is from a different case: R22 and her daughters (R89). 

MTT is the Finnish Agricultural Research Centre


Feedback of Paul Jungels (Pedigree 2011), MTT and Josef Koller


Feedback from Ralf Höling and Jürgen Brausse, year 2010, 2011 and 2016


Feedback from Toivo Koskinen, Finland, year 2011



In this article our bees are mentioned as part of Paul Jungels work:

Writing of Paul Jungels in Buckfast Imker magazine: Bruthygiene und VSH, year 2014