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Lundén Resistant Queens

Our slogan"Best Bees without treatments" says it all. It is our goal and we also believe that in the long run all beekeepers get the best result and best bees when all treatments are stopped.


In English:

Diary of my varroa resistance breeding project since 2001


CV Juhani Lundén

Master of Science, University of Helsinki, main subject beekeeping, master`s thesis "The effect of Amino acids and Proteins in Honeybee Wintering" 1990

Beekeeping practising in New Zealand  c/o Alan Murray 1986-1987, Kiwi fruit pollination and honey production 1600 hives

Lecturing and teaching beekeeping in Finland for 30 years

Lecturing in Germany, Estonia and Latvia

Queens shipped to Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Portugal, Estonia, Latvia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Austria, Mexico, Sweden, Malta and Holland

Queen rearing (p. 73-101) and beebreeding (p. 103-120) parts in the book "Mehiläishoitoa käytännössä 2", 2005, ISBN -951-95698-4-7, edited by Lauri Ruottinen

Beekeeper of the Year 2014, Finnish Beekeepers' Association

Speaker in the first European Treatment Free Beekeeping Conference in Wien April 2018




Beebreeding in Practise, PowerPoint presentation, year 2008 


Lectures in Estonia, "The Whole Story", Open Office presentation, year 2016


Lundén Resistant Queens, The Whole Story, Open Office, year 2015