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Best Bees without treatments

Lundén Resistant Queens

Our slogan"Best Bees without treatments" says it all. It is our goal and we also believe that in the long run all beekeepers get the best result and best bees when all treatments are stopped.


Lundén Resistant Queens

Lundén Resistant Queens is how we call our bees. The origin of these bees is buckfast. 

The breeding work and genius of Brother Adam has inspired us to develop buckfast bees even further, to be varroa resistant.

Varroa mite is the most wide spread and harmfull of all bee diseases, and the main reason or background of all major losses of beehives around the world.

Therefore the need for better varroa resistance is urgent.

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Breeding for varroa resistant bees -project was started 2001 and a diary about what happend each year has been kept since. This diary opens from the link below.


 Story of our varroa resistance breeding 2001-


Our last Pedigree



Lundénin Hunajan tuotanto on luomua luomumpaa. Mehiläisiämme ei ole lääkitty varroa punkkia vastaan sitten vuoden 2008.