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Lundén Resistant Queens

Our slogan"Best Bees without treatments" says it all. It is our goal and we also believe that in the long run all beekeepers get the best result and best bees when all treatments are stopped.


Lundén Resistant Queens



Lundén Resistant Queens is a trademark and a product that we are very proud to present after a long and laborious breeding project which started 2001.   It was then we decided to develop a bee which can live with mites without any treatments. 

Everybody told us we are mad, and madness it was.  There were no quarantines we would make it, and we were, actually, prepared to lose all hives. Fortunately some hives survived and from those survivors we have been able to build up our beekeeping, stronger than ever.

Lundén Resistant Queens are inseminated. This is to ensure desired genes on fathers side.

Queens cost 500€ and they are shipped on Mondays from mid July to early September.

Shipments are made after payment with normal express post envelopes. DHL, UPS, TNT or other courier companies do not accept live animals in their shipments.

Write e-mail and make reservation for 2022.




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